My Fairy Godmother Parties 

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You can call us 7 days a week to check pricing and availability. We have availability 7 days a week and including most holidays.  If no answer, please leave us a voice message with your requested date(s), time(s), service need(s), and the best time to return your call. 
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Last-minute inquiries are always welcomed. In some cases, we are able to accommodate them, but please keep in mind our average booking is 6 weeks in advance.
How far in advance should I reserve? To avoid disappointment, please don't wait until the last minute. We suggest that you reserve once you have made your final decision on services, date, and time. Our availability is first come first served. We are very grateful to receive a high volume of inquiries daily.  Once we confirm verbally availability for your services and you are ready to book, we can hold your reservation for one hour to allow you time to pay your deposit unless some other arrangement has been made. Please don't wait or put it off until later. 
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Once we confirmed verbally that we have the availability for your service, please pay our "non-refundable" deposit to hold the reservation. We do require a small deposit for all services in order to reserve. Yes, the deposit is deducted from the balance. The remaining balance is due on the day of your services.

First, click the link "Pay Now"  below to pay the "non-refundable" deposit only after you have read and agree with our FAQ/Policy and Procedures as stated on our website. By booking My Fairy Godmother Parties, you are agreeing to our FAQ/Policy and Procedures.

Has it been more than one hour since checking availability? If so, please call us to confirm that's we still have the availability for your service. We do receive a high volume of inquiries daily. We will only hold a reservation up to one hour after speaking with you in order to allow you time to pay the deposit in good faith unless some other arrangement has been made.

Finally,  After your paid "non-refundable" deposit, you will receive an e-mail confirmation from PayPal right away and then you will receive one from us within 24 hours of paying your deposit. If not, please call us immediately to confirm that your payment has been receive.

Can I pay by phone? Sorry, we don't accept payment information over the telephone. We only accept payments through PayPal's secured server. You don't need an account with PayPal in order to pay.

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