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Kids Children Birthday Party Planner Atlanta
     Michelle and I met while in college in Atlanta. We planned to go back home when we graduated, but one thing we loved about Atlanta was the diversity. That is one of the reasons we made our homes here. We got into children parties by no mistake. I was always the one that initiated planning or volunteered to organize things. She always had the eye for detail. Hands down she was always the one that could "dazzle" just about anything. We love what we do and it shows.
    We get our inspiration from all of our friends, family, and most importantly the princess films that we can watch over and over today. We thought how cute it would be to give every girl and her closest friends a mystical and magical opportunity of their own. We know one thing for sure that everyone loves "The Godmother's" short appearance in our favorite classic princess film. We look forward to scheduling your little princess her very own "My Fairy Godmother Party" today.

Yours Truly,


My Fairy Godmother in Training


Fairy Princess Party
There was a lot of time and thought that went into each one of our packages. We uniquely designed each one of our packages that we offer. 
We know that no two events are just alike. Therefore our team try to customize each party to your needs, theme, and age group.
No group too small or big for us. We specialize in offering unique all-inclusive party packages starting at only $299.

We take pride in providing quality, affordable, professional service from beginning to end. We strive to make it an easy one-stop shop for all your party needs.
We do have a behind the scene team that works hard to put your event together from beginning to end. We have staff that prep for our parties, answer all of our inquiries, upkeep with supplies, manage inventory, maintain costumes, pack, and set-up for our parties. Our parties are not something that can be just thrown together on the day or two before the party.  
What fuels us? Our fuel is the memorable experiences that we help create for years to come.
We have grown so much over the last several years. We started with only princess parties. We now have a whole team of folks that we use with all kinds of experiences and talents that can cater to most children themes and parties. You name it, we may have done it or at least know someone that can.
We offer a diverse team of professional, patient, experienced, creative, and talented folks who enjoys working with children of all ages and backgrounds.
Our goal is to make each event a magical and pleasurable experience for all of your guests. We won't overbook. We do what we say we are going to do. You won't be disappointed!

Do you guys only do princess parties? What about the adults? It doesn't have to be only "princess" or "pink".

We have planned or hosted all kinds of theme parties for mostly kids
. We have just about every color palette or kid's theme imaginable. We have planned some boys' parties too!
Don't quite see what you are looking for in one of our packages, Call us. I'm sure we can help create one.
Call Today! 404.453.4596
We are a creative group.
Want to get in the business? Questions? Want to be a part of our team? We have been an inspiration to several party companies that had opened up in Atlanta over the last several years. Message us on our home page to see if we can help.


Just a few Comments over the years...


"I just expected a table, but you guys really outdid yourself. We get all this? Wow! Great!"


"Wow, this is really nice. It's such a great set-up"


"You really raised the bar with this one"


"You must really like kids, you guys are so patient"


"This party exceeded my expectations. You guys are so professional."


"Can you please tell your team Thank You. They did an amazing  job."


"You should charge more, I did not expect all this"


"I want to thank you so much. You ladies are great"


"I will definitely be using y'all next year"


"You guys did a great job keeping all the kids together"


"I went to one of these parties before and I have to say they did half as much as you guys"


"I like the idea that you can customize the packages"


"You guys brought everything, I did not have to buy a thing"


"I don't have one complaint"


"OOOH every thing looks so pretty" "It looks just like something out of Disney."


"This is a great business. How long you guys been doing it."


"This was truly a Fairy Godmother's party."

"I'm so glad that we found y'all"
"I'll definitely tell all of my friends about you"
"They did all of this. I didn't have to do a thing"
"Where did you find them? I definitely will be using them."
"I wish I had a party like this when I was little."
"Please give me a couple business cards. I got to tell everyone"
"Wow you guys did an amazing job. Thanks for everything."
"It was a perfect party. You were so easy to work with. "
"I can tell this ain't yawls first rodeo. You did a great job."
"I'm speechless. This is way more than I was expecting"
"Everything looked so pretty. You guys did a great job."
"They kept the party going the whole time. I didn't have to do a thing."
"You know I will be calling you for my son's party. Do you host boys' parties?"
"The party just kept getting better and better"
"It was worth every penny! If you need a referral just let me know. I got you."
"Thank You" Everything was great. I just don't know what to say."
"Please tell me where I can leave a review. I need to tell everyone you guys did such a wonderful job."
"I didn't have to do a thing, but open the door for my guests. That's great. Thanks guys."

"Wow, this set-up looks better than my wedding."
We listen to you!
Did you know?


Our parties are most often given for birthday parties ages 13 and younger. Our parties are sometimes given to celebrate achievements too. Why not celebrate keeping A/B honor roll, Team Victory, Student of the Month,  end of the school's year, keep a room clean, and not misbehaving. It also makes a great "Big Sister Gift" for a child experiencing a feeling of displacement when a new baby has arrived in the home. Our parties are a great way for parents to show their little princess that they are still special. Besides every girl needs at least one princess party.

Our character visits are not only booked for birthday parties. They have been booked to deliver special news, deliver gifts, and just because. Besides, what girl or boy didn't dream of a visit from their favorite character?
Birthday Parties 
Celebrating a birthday is only one day out of the year  and it should be special. Most parents are now celebrating the excitement of their child being a year older with a birthday party with all their friends and family.  Parents are stepping it up a notch. Celebrating another year of life with a big party with themed décor and engaging entertainment inviting all of the family and friends for their best wishes for many more years to come. Birthday parties is a great way to bring all of the family and friends together.
Budget If you are a parent that have a big party every year or every other year, we noticed that most parents are spending on average $500 - $1,000 for a birthday party when it's all said and done. We had our share of few outliers that do it bigger and spend well over a $1,000 for their little ones birthday. Every child needs at least one big birthday party that they can remember. Another popular option to be budget friendly is for parents to combine siblings and family members birthday parties that are in the same month.
Entertainment is what makes the party. Please don't cut out the cost of entertainment to keep the party simple, under a certain budget or just to keep it pretty. So we created a variety of budget friendly all-inclusive party packages that includes the most popular kid's entertainment and more. With our party packages, parents don't have to worry about "what will the kids do or how will I keep them entertained".  We offer some affordable, really pretty, fun and very entertaining party packages that cater to just about any budget.
Don't regret putting off her birthday party  another year.

We list all of our party packages, what's included, pricing, and FAQ on our website for your convenience.

Call Today to check availability and reserve! 404.453.4596


If no answer, please leave us a message with requested services, location, date and time preference.


Don't Wait! Reserving early gets your first choice.


  *All of our packages & pricing are subject to change without notice*


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