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Top Ten FAQ & Policies and Procedures
These are the questions we are asked most frequently. If you can't find yours, please call us. 404-453-4596  
  • What if I need to cancel, reschedule or decide to make any changes to my reservation? 
  • How far in advance do I need to reserve? Do I need to decide now? What is your deposit? How do I pay? Can I pay with check?
  • How far does My Fairy Godmother Parties travel? Do/Why you charge a travel charge?
  • What's a good space for your parties?  I don't think my place may be too small.  I never had a party at my house Do I need to rent a venue?.
  • What about the boys? Should I include them in the guest count? I don't think they will participate. I think it may be too girly.
  • What if any one my guest(s) doesn't show, shows up late, doesn't participate or leaves early? Do I still have to pay for them?
  • Do you bring everything? What do I need to supply? Do you charge to set-up?
  • Do you need my help? Can the parents participate? Do you need the guests' parents to stay there and help? Can parents drop-off?
  • Why do you need a final guest count? Can I add a guest(s) after my final guest or the day of my event? What if I need to add a guest?
  • When and What should I expect on the day of my event from My Fairy Godmother Parties
  • Gratuity: Is it included in your prices? Can I/Should I tip? What do most parents tip for this type of stuff? 

A: We do require a small deposit with all of our services. All deposits are non-refundable. No Exceptions. Please be sure you have made your final decision on services, date, and time before paying your deposit. We begin prep from the moment that you reserve. We reserve the date/time, staff, supplies, and etc. needed for your services. Therefore we blocked your date/time, staff, supplies, and etc needed for your services from other potential bookings or engagements. We typically prefer not to reschedule or make changes to your reservation once booked. If so, a one-time change can be made with a minimum of 21 days in advance of your reservation. No Exceptions  At that time, we can check availability for your desired one-time change or reschedule if available. A cancellation fee may apply to our some of our "package enhancements".

A: To avoid disappointment, we suggest reserving as soon as you have made a final decision. Don't wait or it put off until later! Our availability is First Come First Serve. We do require a deposit in order to reserve with all of our services. The deposit can vary as little as $50 and up. Our average booking is 6 weeks in advance. However, in some cases shorter/last minute reservations can be accommodated. All deposits are paid via PayPal. The balance is not due until the day of your services. If so, it must be paid in cash. Sorry we don't accept checks.

Q: How far does My Fairy Godmother Parties travels? Do/Why you charge a travel charge?
A: We serve all The Atlanta Metropolitan and surrounding areasHowever, we do need to consider added travel time and fuel expense for areas that are further outside of the perimeter. Our travel charge is a flat rate.  It could range $15 - $30. Our travel charge is not for profit or a gratuity. It's a very fair small flat rate that is charged to help compensate the staff 's time and fuel expense that's servicing your event.
Q: What's a good space for your parties? I think my place may be too small. I never had a party at my house. Do I need to rent a venue?
A: Don't worry! We don't need a lot of space for our services. Most parents choose their home to use our services for the convenience, comfort and privacy. It's private, more laid back, family friendly, and no worry over rigid time restrictions. Besides its just one day out of the year, invite all of your family and closest friends,  you can stay as long as you want, serve your own food and beverage which parents and families love. Our services can be held just about anywhere living room, dining room, den, basement, deck, terrace, or lawn. Some parents choose to reserve venues outside their home. However, it's not needed unless it's a big event with a lot of people. Some venue rentals can get really expensive and often cost more than the party. If it's an outdoor event with warmer temperature, we do need for you to provide an area that is covered or shaded for our services. We can provide covering for our staff for $35. In projected colder/warmer temperatures or rain, please reserve an area that is indoors for our services. Our preference is any area that's free from pets, play sets, and toys. They can sometimes be a distraction from our services.
Q. What about the boys? Should I include them in the guest count? I don't think they will participate. It may be too girly.
A. Don't forget to invite boys. Boys enjoy our parties too. We have "boy" things with most of our packages. If we are given an advance notice, we can include games, crafts, favors, and etc. to make them feel included with most of our services. Please be sure to include them in your final guest count so we can be prepared.
A: Your final guest count will be confirmed typically a week before your services depending on the package. We included a great number of guest with your package. Your final guest count is the number we use to finalize what's needed for staffing, supplies and etc. Therefore, you will be charged for your final guest count or the number of guests that's included in your package whichever is greater. If any invited guest(s) in your final guest count doesn't show, shows late, doesn't participate, or leaves early, you will still be charged for your final guest count or the number that's included with your package whichever is greater. Please keep in mind that we made arrangements/prepped/staffed based on your package choice and final guest count. We do not interrupt the flow of activities to "catch-up" or "get up to speed" any guest(s) that has arrived late, that doesn't participate, or leaves early. Any guest that arrives late or needs to leave early will have to join or exit  wherever they are in activities.

Q: Why do you need a final guest count? Can I add a guest(s) after my final guest count or the day of my event? What if I need to add a guest?
A: Get your invites our early and ask all guests to RSVP.  Please keep in mind when inviting guests, we do need a final guest count with all of our party packages. Its very similar to catering. We need to be sure that we have proper staffing, supplies, and etc. that's needed to accommodate your expected guestWe don't want any guest to feel excluded. Please be sure to include all guests and their siblings that may attend in the final guest count.  The final guest count will be confirmed typically at least a week in advance of your reservation depending on the package. We suggest that you invite your guests a little earlier than the service scheduled time. It gives you time to welcome your guests, gives cushion for late arrivals, and it gives time for all guests to settle/warm up and be there when the services are scheduled to begin. Late arrivals can sometimes interrupt the flow and/or miss activities. Please keep in mind that we prep for several parties each week not just your event. In a very few cases, we may be able to prep/accommodate for any additional guest(s) after your final guest count. If so, there will be the regular added guest charge outside of what's included with your package and a rush fee per guest. Our rush fee could range $10 - $25 for per guest depending on package. Please call us with any concerns with this. No e-mail.

A: Typically we bring everything that's needed for our services. In a very few cases we may need for you provide something. If there's anything that we need for you provide, we will let you know well in advance.  We may need use of an electrical outlet for some of our services. Some of our packages, we may need for you to provide use of table(s) and a arm less chair for each participating guests. (Supplemental Table & Seating rental is available) For our Pamper Packages and Mini Mani, we need use of a tub/sink for hot water. Please survey and/or clear the party's space/entry before our arrival if needed. Be sure that you have entry and it is cleared, it's prepped before our set-up such as enough table(s) and chairs for all guests, water is running for use of hot water if needed, and outlets are working. Some party's locations we may need to charge a set-up fee. The set-up fee covers staff's additional time that may be needed for set-up. ex: stairways/steps, hills, elevators, difficult parking, some venues, or hotels please check with us when reserving.  We prefer for outdoor events to be covered or shaded for our staff and services. If we need to provide covering for our staff, it's $35. Temperatures in direct sunlight, warmer than 85 or below 70 degrees, we prefer to keep indoors if possible. Always have a back-up plan or shelter for outdoor events. Please reserve one to two parking spaces close to the entrance where the event is held for our staff that is servicing your event. Therefore, our staff may enter and exit quickly without disturbing your guests. We prefer not to park in your driveway if needed please be sure your guest does not block in our staff. The client (parent/guardian) is responsible for notifying us any gate codes, special instructions/directions, or paying any fees/expense associated with parking/valet at least 24 hours in advance, please not on the day of the event. We suggest hanging at least one balloon on mail box/door where the event is located to make it easier for your guests and our staff to locate the party.
A: Our services are designed to allow all parents to kick back and let our staff to lead/host all of our planned activities. We do not require any parents' help or participation with our services.  We do require at least one parent/guardian to stay at the event's location for the duration of the services to monitor/supervise guests.  Parents are encouraged to drop-off their children. We will provide enough staff with all of our party packages to accommodate/help all guests.  We highly recommend from all our years of experiences, please offer your guests' parents the option to "Drop Off" on the invites with all of our services. Guests'' parents presence, socializing, participation and/or help can sometimes be a distraction, interfere with the flow of planned activities. Reassure your guests' parents that our staff will be able to accommodate/help their children, host/lead all activities, and you the parent/guardian will be there to monitor/supervise all guests for the duration of the party. Besides most guests' parents may appreciate "drop off" if offered. However If guests' parents decide to stay, please designate a seating/socializing area to accommodate all parents preferably away from the service area.  We would like to prearrange a setting where our staff will be able to lead/host all activities with less distraction and interruptions as possible. We want to give you, your family, and your child their moment. It also gives our staff more room to work lead/host all activities. It also opens a better opportunity for you to capture photos and engage with all the invited guest. Our goal is to have a comfortable setting that gives the guests the opportunity to be able to move, open up, and most importantly to be able to hear our staff's instructions for all the planned activities. These requests help things flow more smoothly. It will be greatly appreciated by our staff and your guests.
Q. When and What should I expect on the day of my event from My Fairy Godmother Parties?
A: Depending on your package, Staff will arrive right at the time scheduled or up to one hour before your reserved time to set-up. Please make arrangements for our staff that's servicing your event to have a very few distractions as possible during their set-up. Please hold all pets away from the service area for the duration of the services even if they are friendly.  Provide any special instructions (GPS), directions, or gate codes in advance. Notify us in advance of any staircases, elevators, difficult parking, hills, etc... If so, please let us know at least 24 hours in advance, please do not wait until the day of the event. All parking/valet fees must be prepaid/arranged in advance of our staff's scheduled arrival. Please make arrangements to hold the The Guest of Honor, all guests, guests' parents away from the service area during their set-up. We prefer that you set-up or prep the service area before our staff's arrival. Such as moving/pushing back any furniture, clearing/cleaning the space, providing enough seating, food prep, or decorating if needed. Some party's locations may have a set-up fee because our staff may require more time than our usual for set-up time. ex: steps/stairways, hills, elevators, not easily accessible, some venues, or hotels please check with us when reserving.  The staff servicing your event works on a very tight schedule and works very quickly to set-up for your event. The staff begins promptly at your reserved time. Therefore, break down is promptly at the end of the scheduled time. If you think you may need or want more time, it must be reserved in advance. Our preferred service area is any area that's free from pets, play sets and toys.
Gratuity: Is it included in your prices? Can I or Should I tip? What do most people tip for this type of stuff?
We don't include gratuity in the price of any of services regardless of your guest count. Our suggested tip is at least $20 and up depending on your services and the number of staff members that are servicing your event. However we will need to add a minimum mandatory 15% gratuity to services totaling $299 or more. Our tips have ranged from $20 - $100 per staff member. Please keep in mind that your gratuity will be greatly appreciated by each staff member that is servicing your event.  
My Fairy Godmother Parties and its owners, operators, and employees do not offer/represent any name brand, licensed, franchised, trademarked or copyrighted characters. In addition, we are not licensed salon professionals. As a client, you understand when booking My Fairy Godmother Parties does not represent such at any time.
My Fairy Godmother Parties and its owners, operators, and employees assume no liability for any accidents, food allergies, costume allergies, cosmetic allergies, and any other allergy. As the client, you also assume all liability and responsibility for all guests.
My Fairy Godmother Parties and its owners, operators, and employees services are for entertainment purposes only. In addition, at least one parent/guardian need to monitor/supervise guests for the duration of My Fairy Godmother Parties services. Our staff are trained and experienced with working with children of all ages. However It is the parent(s)/guardian responsibility to monitor for any disruptive behavior. Please escort any guest that are disruptive or who are not participating away from the service area. If not, this may take away time, be a distraction, or interfere with the flow of planned activities. Our staff will not be able to provide behavior management. It is up to the parent/guardian to encourage good behavior. We prefer the service area to be free from pets, toys and play sets. These are tips for parents to help our staff maintain structure for the duration of our services.
Inclement Weather Policy:
In the event of inclement weather, we reserve the right to reschedule your services at any time. Therefore, we will reschedule your services for another date and time that is works for the both of us.
We may use photographs/video taken at your event taken by our staff on our website or other promotional materials.
We do not share information you provide with us outside parties except to the extent to complete our services. Finally we never use or share personally identifiable information provided to us in way unrelated to the business.
*All of our packages & pricing are subject to change without notice* Reserve Early!
Updated September 26, 2017